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The grandest part of the visual décor during the reception are the tables! The bride and groom may have the help of the florist for the centerpieces but sometimes the rest can be a challenge. Linens and place setting rentals can be expensive and the choices innumerable. Today, brides and grooms have plenty of choices for their tables, whether it be simple and elegant or colorful with personality!

Table Arrangement for Wedding Event
Wedding Venue Seating Arrangement

Depending on the venue, limited choice of linens may be provided. To get a custom color tablecloths or napkins the bride will probably have to contact a rental company or purchase online. The cost of purchasing online can be similar to renting with options for nearly every color. Most sites have a “purchase a sample” option which is important to approve color and texture. Table cloths can also be purchased – important details to remember when purchasing or renting table cloths are size and shape. The venue should provide table size information. The bride needs to decide whether table topper or floor length is needed and then sized appropriately. One other thing to remember when purchasing linens is that they may need to be pressed or steamed before use.

Similarly, a caterer may provide the place settings, but most likely plates and silverware will need to be rented or purchased. One option is to purchase upscale decorative plasticware – there are several sites such as Posh Party Supplies that offer some beautiful options with a wide array of styles. Plastic silverware can also be a great option and can be purchased in metallic silver and gold, as well as other colors. If the couple has chosen a DIY venue, these options make clean up a breeze! These are budget friendly and can set a beautiful table.

Glassware is another item that can be overlooked. If neither the venue or caterer provide glassware it can also be rented. Another good option many bride’s are using is purchasing stemware. Resale bridal sites, Dollar Store, Walmart and IKEA are great places to find deals. Mixing and matching glassware can be a fun way to add personality to the table.

Oak + Ivy offers both stained farm style tables and plastic rounds – easily decorated for any style of wedding whether formal with floor length linens or with just greenery on the table.