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The dream of an outdoor wedding resonates with many couples. The desire to breathe in the fresh air, breeze through the hair under the beautiful canopy of trees, on a beach, or in front of a stunning mountain. The feeling of freedom without being confined by walls or ceilings and to have grass under their feet. It is a beautiful picture.

There are many considerations when deciding to plan a celebration outside. Of course, time of year dictates the temperature range, chance of inclement weather, and condition of the outdoor area.

Beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony at Oak + Ivy Wedding Venue in Aubrey, Texas

Here are some things to consider:

1.) Plan B

Consider choosing a venue that has a space for Plan B. If there is a heatwave or freeze or any kind of inclement weather, an indoor space will be a lovely respite from the discomfort of the outdoors.

2.) Consider Guest’s Comfort

Consider providing guests with fans, or shawls, or umbrellas. Depending on what the weather is – these elements could make all the difference in the guests’ comfort level. Other options might include chillers and heaters which are both rentable for uncooperative temperatures.

3.) Hydrate

Consider handing out bottles of water during a hot summer event, or hot chocolate for a chilly fall day.

4.) Insect Patrol

Consider incorporating natural deterrents to insects – sprigs of rosemary, lavender, mint and thyme. If your wedding is near mosquito-attracting water you may want to think about citronella torches or candles.

5.) Select Sturdy Flowers

Lastly, consideration should be given to the types of flowers that can handle various temperatures. Selecting hardier blooms like roses, zinnias and chrysanthemums stand up to the challenge better than more delicate blossoms. Keep in mind that certain flowers are particularly attractive to pests like baby’s breath, scabiosa and peonies.

Celebrating under the bright blue skies, au naturel decor and the peaceful breezes is truly a dream. Being prepared for everything else is essential for a truly wonderful ceremony for both the bride and groom and their guests.

Oak + Ivy is the perfect venue for celebrating vows in nature.  There is a spot under the beautiful canopy of oak trees.  There is the option to be open air but under the cover of our beautiful pavilion.  And there is a fantastic “plan B” inside the walls of our stunning barn.