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Beautiful White Wedding Venue with Lush Landscaping and Scenery

While certain aspects of a wedding are optional, from wearing a jumpsuit instead of a long, white gown, to skipping the flower girl and ring bearer to serving mini cakes instead of one creation, there is one aspect you cannot forgo: a venue. After all, you need a place where your family and friends can gather and celebrate.

However, finding the perfect venue is no walk in the park. It is a decision that requires careful evaluation and thoughtful consideration. To simplify this process, here are factors to consider before choosing a wedding venue.

Budget and Cost Considerations

Before you and your significant other start viewing wedding venues, you need to allocate a certain percentage of the wedding budget to venue expenses. Doing so can help you find a venue that is within your budget. It can also prevent you from overspending on the venue and impacting other aspects of your wedding.

Next, you need to consider additional costs associated with the venue. These can include:

  • Catering: A significant chunk of your wedding budget goes to food and beverages. The venue should provide catering options that suit your wedding, menu options that can wow your guests, and be transparent about additional charges, such as corkage fees if you plan to bring your own beverages.
  • Decorations: Is the setting of your nuptials perfect as it is, or does it need additional decorations to achieve the look you are going for? Consider costs associated with lighting, centrepieces, flower arrangements, and other decorative pieces.
  • Rentals: Confirm whether the venue provides essential items, such as tableware, tables, and chairs. If it does not, you may need to rent these items from an external vendor.

Guest Capacity and Accommodation

Before you and your partner finalize a wedding venue, determine the number of guests the venue can accommodate. Consult with the venue staff to ensure there is enough room for guests. Not only will this prevent overcrowding, but it will also ensure that everyone in attendance is comfortable.

If some of your guests come in from out of town, you want them to be as comfortable as possible. Explore nearby accommodations like hotels, vacation rentals, and bed and breakfasts. Ensure that these accommodations provide essential amenities for your guests’ comfort, enjoyment, and convenience.

Location and Accessibility

You want a wedding venue that is convenient for you, your partner, and your guests. Consider the venue’s proximity to train stations, bus stations, and airports to make travel easier for out-of-town guests. Moreover, choose a location that external vendors can easily access and is not too far from most of your guests, ensuring early arrival time. Ensure that the venue caters to guests with mobility needs. Check whether the venue provides features like wheelchair-accessible entrances, wheelchair-accessible restrooms, elevators, and ramps. Also, check if the venue provides parking for differently abled people. Prioritizing accessibility ensures your guests can move around unrestrictedly and enjoy your big day fully.

Indoor or Outdoor Venue

When choosing a venue, you have two options: indoor venues and outdoor venues. When you opt for an indoor venue, you can protect yourself and your guests from the elements. You can also decorate the space according to your theme and control the lighting to create a romantic or festive ambiance. However, indoor spaces can be constricted, forcing you to trim your guest list. Indoor venues also follow a formal layout that can prevent your guests from mingling as freely as they would in an outdoor venue.

On the other hand, if you opt for an outdoor wedding, you will have more space and can accommodate a larger crowd, you will have more photo shoot options, and you can add a touch of nature to your wedding, like chirping birds, the gentle breeze, and the leaves dancing with the wind. However, with an outdoor wedding, the weather can change suddenly and ruin your special day. Unwanted critters like bugs, flies, and bees can also make the wedding difficult to sit through, and you may not have the grand entrance you’ve always wanted since your guests can see everything.

If you opt for an outdoor wedding, do not forget to take extra precautions, like applying sunscreen on all exposed areas and wearing elegant sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Also, have a backup plan, such as a tented area or an indoor space, in case the weather changes.

Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor venue for your wedding, there are perfect accessories to complement your style and surroundings. For indoor weddings, opt for elegant necklaces and intricate veils to match the formal atmosphere. Choose delicate shoes and classic wedding rings to showcase their beauty. For outdoor weddings, go for daintier accessories that won’t overpower the natural setting. Consider lightweight veils and comfortable shoes to enjoy the day fully. When it comes to the ring, choose rings that reflect your personal style and taste, whether it’s a classic engagement ring or an intricate vintage design.

Remember, the right accessories will make your special day even more memorable, no matter where you celebrate it.

Wedding Date and Availability

You have found the perfect wedding venue, but before you start raving about it to your friends, you must ensure it is available for your desired wedding date. Contact the venue as soon as you can to inquire about date availability. This way, you can secure your desired date and avoid potential misunderstandings with the staff.

Wedding Photography and Lighting

Before choosing a wedding venue, evaluate the venue’s lighting conditions for optimal photography. You want a venue with natural light or large windows that allow light to enter the venue, making it easier for photographers to take clear shots. Additionally, ask about additional lighting options like strobes or chandeliers to enhance the quality of your photos.

Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

Many couples struggle when it comes to finding the perfect wedding venue, but that does not have to be the case for you. By considering the above factors, you can choose a venue that aligns with your budget, can accommodate your guest list, is at a prime location, offers the best experience for you and your guest, and provides the best setting for photography. Now, go ahead and find the venue of your dreams. Cheers to a beautiful wedding, a lively ceremony, and a happy life with your significant other.

Thank you to guest Blog Author:  Isabelle Marinier