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Selecting a wedding dress is probably the most important and challenging decision a bride will make.  “The” dress often sets the tone for the event, the direction for the bridesmaid dresses and groom attire and directly effects wedding day hair style and make up. Brides today have so many options in choosing a gown. There are multiple online sights as well as large stores offering custom gowns and smaller boutique stores with unique styles. All are catering to allow each bride to select a dress unique to them.

Several months ago I had the opportunity to do some bridal gown shopping with my own daughter.  The final one of the three to get married, we all decided that a girls trip to New York was a must and of course, we HAD to make an appointment at the famed bridal shop – Kleinfelds.

Kleinfelds Bridal, the ‘most famous bridal salon in all the land’, has been in existence for over 60 years. They cater to more than 17,000 brides a year and sell more than 10,000 dresses per year – which is amazing.

We booked our appointment several weeks in advance (it can be booked online) and arrived at the beautifully designed Salon fifteen minutes (as suggested)before the appointed time to check in. The entrance was crowed with excited brides-to-be and their entourages.  We were thrilled and surprised to see that Kleinfelds were actually taping a segment of the show “Say Yes to the Dress”. We were ushered back to the seating area through a sea of cameramen and assistants with clip boards. As the stylist was discussing selections with my daughter and taking her back to the changing room, I was “settling in” in the midst of beautiful chandeliers, wedding dresses and potential brides and their crew oooing and ahhhhing over the gorgeous gowns. It was a very fun and educational experience

Here are some of the things I learned including but not limited to Kleinfelds:

1.) Set an Appointment

Bridal appointments in most bridal salons need to be made a couple weeks in advace. Most salons allow an hour to an hour and a half for an appointment.

2.) Invite a Smaller Crew

Brides bring an average of 2-4 people with them, larger groups can make it confusing and stressful for the bride.

3.) Fiance?

Sometimes the fiancé will come along but most brides still want the dress to be a surprise on the wedding day

4.) Try on All The Dresses

Brides should try on every style and shape, most are completely surprised that the dress they choose isn’t what they initially thought they would choose.

5.) Stick with Your Budget

The bride should not try on a dress outside of her budget, it’s just trouble. Trying on a dress that is too expensive can cause a lot of disappointment.

5.) Wait for “The One”

The bride will know when to say yes to the dress. She may not cry, but she will know. (Don’t get discouraged if the dress is not found on the first go around.)

We had a great time and my daughter looked fabulous in every dress she tried on, none of which were “THE” dress. It was very fun to watch the filming of the show and Randy Fenoli was an arm length away from me, but busy on camera.

You don’t have to go to New York to find stunning wedding gowns. Dallas has a wide variety of options here are just a few:

Lewisville Bridal Boutique
Stardust Celebrations
Patsy’s, A Bridal Boutique
a&be bridal shop
Mockingbird Bridal
The Blushing Bride Boutique

Here at Oak + Ivy we know that every bride will be stunning!  We are thrilled to be part of starting a new family!  Every part of planning leads to this special day so most of all, have fun making memories with your family and friends and relish in the moments of planning your special day!