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The bride (and groom) have many choices to make when planning their wedding. One important decision revolves around choosing the color scheme as it sets the direction and tone for many of the other decisions. Using sites like Pinterest can help with ideas and to identify preferences.

Whether the scheme is “moody” with beautiful dark greens, wines and purples, or lovely “pastels” with light greys, pinks and blushes, setting a color scheme really aids in the selection of everything else. Good color schemes contain 3 basic colors and then lights and darks of those colors. Another popular and stunning color scheme is based around a single color and a neutral – all white flowers with greenery for example.

Three Brides in Dresses Holding Flowers for Photo
Wedding Venue Setup with Beautiful Flowers

Often a bride and groom will decide on their color scheme based on the season of the year. It can be budget friendly to consider the flowers that would fit into the color scheme and when they might be most available. For example, tulips and peonies are most affordable and most available in April, May and June.

A tangible way to decide and then be able to communicate color is by using paint chips. Heading to the nearest paint store and picking up paint chips that are part of your scheme can be used to help align colors for bridesmaid dresses, linens, and stationary as well as communicate color preferences to the baker and the florist. Hosts of other decoratives and signage can also fall into the color line up easily using paint chips to match colors.

Oak + Ivy is the perfect venue for any color scheme and for any time of year. The neutral color scheme allows any bridal party the freedom to put their creative touch on the event and make it their own. Oak + Ivy also features indoor and outdoor facilities so any celebration is welcome here!