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Bride and Groom couple outdoor at Oak + Ivy Venue preparing for ceremony.

Selecting flowers can be both fun and frustrating for any bride. The florist will be able to share the wide range of options – here are 5 things to think about when choosing flowers for the wedding.

Beautiful Floral Arrangement for Wedding
Bride and Groom Outdoors with Floral Arrangement

1.) Bang for the buck

Using budget friendly flowers such as Carnations (which come in every color) and Chrysanthemums will stretch your flower dollar. Choose the more expensive flowers for the bride and the bridesmaids’ bouquet.

2.) Consider the environment.

If the choice for an outdoor wedding is made, especially in the summer, many flowers (and greens) do not stand up to the heat. Discuss with the florist the flowers that can withstand heat and being out of the water – no one wants a droopy wedding!

3.) Size of bouquets

With the wildflower and naked stem trend, though so beautiful, – bouquets have gotten larger and larger – with size can also come weight so it is important to remember how long everyone will be holding their bouquet.

4.) Double duty

Because bouquets have gotten larger, why not consider using them as centerpieces as well – an empty vase on the table that the bridesmaid can place her bouquet in after pictures makes the perfect centerpiece.

5.) Seeing GREEN

Nothing sets off a beautiful flower like greenery. Today’s bride can choose between the lightest mint green (Lambs Ear) to medium and lacy (Wood Fern) or the ever popular (Seeded Eucalyptus) to dark and waxy and tropical (Monstera Leaves). Greenery can be used in garlands, to accent bouquets, attached to arbors or just added here and there to help bring the outdoors in.

Bride and Groom Outdoors with Floral Arrangement, Surrounded by Mature Oaks

Flowers can add color and detail to any wedding, selecting the right ones doesn’t have to be intimidating!

Oak + Ivy is every bride’s dream location – her choice of flowers will always be perfect in this very special venue. Whether marrying under the canopy of the large oaks and choosing wildflowers or in the French Country inspired barn with a bouquet of blush roses, every flower will feel at home!